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The HOLY HOT MESS podcast


The weekly podcast for real women seeking holiness through the messiness of life.

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What you'll find on the podcast:

we get really really real.

like chatting with a sister or girlfriend

Raw, real life convos with a side of humor on relatable situations while always bringing it back to strengthening our relationship with Christ.

not your average faith podcast

Do you need a sister or friend to chat about faith with? Sit down somewhere comfy, grab a cup of your favorite whatever, and laugh along as we all grow closer to Christ through real life experiences.

We cover hard topics, struggles, suffering as well as share funny stories and practical advice for everyday life all through the lens of faith and an eternity mindset.

- Lisa

"Bringing humor into very relatatble real life situations while always bringing it back to Christ."

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- Jess

"A breath of fresh air in honesty and desire to be close to God."

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- Hannah

"Seriously... the best health podcast out there! It's nearly perfect."

I am a 36-ish year old military brat, grown up beach kid turned mom of 4 kids in 4 years (including identical twins), military wife navigating life and faith while living in a country where I barely speak the language.

I've always had the beautifully embarrassing ability to have absolutely no filter and I process things outwardly - which makes for great podcast content.

The Holy Hot Mess Podcast, when it started in 2018, was a way for me to be the resource I wish I had when I was newly transitioning from Cultural to Faithful Catholic. It's warped into a place where I can meet really cool people and share their stories as well outwardly process the lessons of faith and life I am learning the hard way so (hopefully) you don't have to!

Military Wife · Mom to 4 · Coffee junkie · Wannabe saint

Host of the Holy Hot Mess Podcast

Hey friend! I'm Heather.

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"Heather is a breath of fresh air in her honesty and desire to be close to God."

"Funny, relatable and keeping people close to the Faith. One of my favorite podcasts!"

podcast reviews

 "SO many breakthroughs!! I wouldn’t be where I am in my business without her advice. Highly recommend listening, you’ll definitely level-up in every area of your business!" - @NeedMyBooks

"So many breakthroughs! I wouldn’t be where I am in my business without her advice."

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