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I am Heather, a 36 year old Catholic, military wife and mom of 4 living abroad in Europe that enjoys coffee, talking, meeting new people and sharing my Catholic faith. 

Booking me for a podcast or speaking engagement means you get to choose from a variety of topics I am passionate about all viewed through the eternal lens of faith. 

Topics I am passionate about include: biblical submission, growing in feminity, cultivating holiness in the mundane, rightly ordering our daily lives, addiction, the dangers of the occult, military family life, embracing suffering, growing out of cultural Catholicism, surrendering our crosses and so much more.

Podcast interviews are currently free of charge but speaking engagements carry a small fee + any travel or lodging costs.

Interviews & Speaking

Currently based in Madrid, Spain but available for European & US Speaking engagements with enough notice.


Humans with real, often messy pasts, that need to know that Sainthood is the path God has them on.

Real people

Busy women in their 20's, 30's and 40's craving community, connection and Christ.

primarily women; ages 20 to 50

Catholic Christians wanting real conversations about practically growing in faith in today's world.


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