There are a few ways to help support the podcast and the production costs like email and this website. I am so appreciative of any way you can help!

Thanks for your interest in being a suporter!

In an attempt to be completely transparent, I'm going to give you the background of why I'm asking for money.

For 5 years I have self produced, did the marketing for, website, etc of this podcast and just paid for it with money I would make from taking pics of locals in Louisiana where we were stationed. I always felt an affirmation from the Lord every time I was going to hang up the podcasting thang and He would always provide either by random donations or photography gigs. 

Fast forward and now we live in Madrid, Spain while my husband does a remote gig for the Air Force. It's a sweet gig and cool experience but as he is the only person in our family with a visa - I am forbidden to make any money on the Spanish economy.

Bills for the podcast have come due and ya girl can't spend $1,500+/year of family finances for this labor of love the Lord has placed on my heart.

The costs to run the show include domain ownership, website & email hosting, website design platform, Zoom for the long interviews, Flodesk for the emails I send out marketing the show, Canva for any graphic and freebie creation, Adobe for the recording and editing software, and Podbean - where I host the podcast so that it will distribute to all the places for you to listen.

So, I just trust He will provide but also have to take steps so that He can do that by moving the hearts of the people the show & guest interviews have blessed.

If you feel it in your heart there are 3 ways you can support the pod!

The Costs

Please fill out this form and I will be in touch shortly with my media kit and sponsorship packages and pricing details. From there we can discuss contract and payment details and get the ball rolling!


I can't wait to chat with you about sponsorship opportunities!

Thank you!