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Heather is a Catholic wife, mother of 4, podcaster, writer & speaker. 

Meet Heather, a spunky 36-year-old Catholic, military wife, and proud mom of four. With a heart full of faith and a passion for sharing real life, relatable, and hilarious stories, Heather has carved out a unique space in the digital world as the host of a thriving podcast, complemented by insightful writing.

As a military wife, Heather understands the challenges and joys that come with a life of service. Her experiences navigating deployments, relocations, and the ever-changing landscape of military life have shaped her perspective and fueled her commitment to building a supportive community all through and faith filled lens with eyes set on eternity.

With over 95 episodes and more than 50,000 downloads, Heather's podcast has become a go-to source for inspiration, encouragement, and spiritual insight for Catholic Christian women.

Through candid conversations, she explores the intersection of faith, family, and military life, weaving together personal anecdotes and interviews with fellow Christians who have found strength, hope and love through their own journeys with Christ.

Beyond the airwaves, Heather brings her magnetic presence to speaking engagements, where she captivates audiences with her authenticity, humor and relatable stories. Whether addressing military families, Christian communities, or mom groups, she imparts wisdom gained from her unique journey of finding faith through a messy past.

A gifted writer, Heather extends her reach through articles and blog posts that resonate with readers seeking connection, encouragement, and a deeper understanding of the role faith plays in their lives. Her written words serve as a source of comfort and inspiration for those navigating the complexities of life.

Heather's multifaceted, humorous approach to storytelling and community-building reflects her commitment to fostering connections and providing a platform for voices often unheard. In her roles as a military wife, mother, podcaster, speaker, and writer, she continues to inspire and uplift others, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those that encounter Christ through her message of faith, hope, resilience, and community.

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