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a compassionate conversation about the ivf ruling out of alabama holy hot mess podcast for catholic women

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Christians weren’t ready for this conversation on IVF ya’ll, we weren’t. You know what wasn’t ready and what really needs refined? Our compassion. The desire for children is GOOD, holy, & right. Just like the desire for sex is good, holy, and right. That doesn’t mean we should achieve that end by any means necessary […]

#101 – A Compassionate Conversation on the IVF Ruling out of Alabama

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Hard-earned wisdom and practical tips for thriving when taking little humans to church.

#99: Thriving in the Pews: Navigating Mass with Little Ones


The Little Rose Shop Holy Hot Mess Catholic Christian Woman Podacst

Join an interview with Flor – The Catholic Nutritionist as we dive into the warped ways we view our bodies even though the Lord tells us that our bodies are made good! How we reconcile the truth with living it out and everything in between!

#98: Made Good: A Nourishing Conversation with The Catholic Nutritionist


Made Good Podcast with Flo the Catholic Nutritionist

Join Heather for a solo episode deep diving into what Lent is, why we are called to participate and how we can make the most of it each year.

Holy Hot Mess Lent Podcast Episode 2024 Catholic Christian Woman

Summary: In this episode of the Holy Hot Mess Podcast, as Heather engages in a candid conversation with Desirae, better known as The Uncatechized Catholic on Instagram. Desirae takes us on a compelling journey through her faith, from a lukewarm upbringing in Catholicism to a brief but wild detour into Mormonism, and ultimately finding her […]

#95 Lukewarm to Liturgy: The Uncatechized Catholic’s Journey from Mormonism to the Catholic Church


  This week, we’ve got a special episode with your host, Heather, who’s bringing her unique perspective with over 10 years of on-and-off solo parenting, Catholic Military Wife experience. If you’ve ever found yourself navigating the parenting journey alone, buckle up for some real talk and genuine insights. Heather kicks things off by diving into […]

#94: Navigating Periods of Solo Parenting with Faith and Joy


Navigating Periods of Solo Parenting Military Catholic Wife Mom Holy Hot Mess Podcast

Ellen is a speaker and coach who specializes in sex and intimacy and is the host of Charting Toward Intimacy the #1 sex and intimacy podcast for Catholic women. Ellen has helped hundreds of Catholic women actually desire and enjoy good, holy sex with their husbands. She holds a certificate in the fundamentals of sex […]

Catholic Marriage Sex and Intimacy Advice Holy Hot Mess Podcast

In this episode, Heather gets real about the struggles and benefits of creating a Rule of Life as a Catholic wife and mom. Just a woman just trying to keep it together, not doing too much, She’s diving into the nitty-gritty of the book “A Mother’s Rule of Life,” giving it both a high-five and […]

#92: Crafting Your Own Catholic Women’s Rule of Life


Catholic Woman Rule of Life How to Holy Hot mess Podcast