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Join me as I chat about the Dominican and St Cecilian spiritualities with my new sister-friend from Fatima, Sr Agnes! Links Website for the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia in Nashville (motherhouse) Direct link to Donate to the Sisters! If you need any links PLEASE email me because I did this completely off the […]

#117: Convos with a Sister – Sr Agnes of the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia

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  Join me and Natalie Zima (@NatlieZimaa on IG) as we chat about motherhood. From one mama (me) with 10 years of experience a younger mama who is in the trenches of figuring out motherhood now – we discuss everything from following intuition, marriage struggles in the transition into parenting, detaching from the world, fighting […]

#115: Caring for our Postpartum Selves, Detachment & Truth Seeking with Natalie Zima


A solo episode where we chat about the one thing that absolutely changed my motherhood AND my relationship with my kids, an absolute answered prayer. This episode deep dives the topic of retained primitive reflexes – what they are, what causes them, what the symptoms of the immature reflexes are, and how you can get […]

#114: Learning this One Thing Changed my Motherhood – Retained Primitive Nerve Reflexes


Learning this one thing changed my motherhood catholic mom podcast primitive nerve reflexes

I got to have an amazing chat with Fr Peter Pomposello who is the official US army chaplain for recruiting new priests into the US Army (or funneling them into whatever service they’re interested in joining). A lifetime as a Catholic and a military kid/wife and I had no clue how intricate, involved, and extremely […]

Holy Hot Mess Podcast Peter Pomposello Catholic US Army

A solo episode where we deep dive the topic of Marian Apparitions. Often us Catholics get a bad rap for our relationship with Mama Mary but I’ve got all the background, why we think Mary appears to us, some focus on her messaging of repentance and love for her son, some info on a few […]

#110: Marian Apparitions


holy hot mess podcast catholic marian apparitions

Join me as I ask all the embarrassing, taboo and nuanced questions about what is and isn’t okay in a Catholic Christian bedroom from Sexual & Moral Theologian, Dr Sarah Bartel. Find Dr Sarah & all her details and contact info at Reminder, for only $4.99/month you can get all the interviews completely unedited […]

#109 Sexual Moral Theology with Catholic Theologian Dr Sarah Bartel


Join me for a solo episode where I am diving into my 11 year journey with “side hustling” and MLMs and how God really has pulled me out of that world and saw how it perpetuated my sinfulness, lack of contentment, etc. Reminder, for only $4.99/month you can get all the interviews completely unedited in […]

mlm and side hustle culture

Join me and Caroline from @BeStillByCaroline on IG about practically how you can convert your non-Catholic husband. Check out Caroline’s kiddo book she wrote: ABC Get to Know the Saints with Me Newsflash: you can’t. Instead you’re going to learn a whole lot of humility from the Holy Spirit. Reminder, for only $4.99/month you can […]

#107 How to Convert Your Husband to Catholicism with Caroline Perkins


Caroline Perkins Holy HOt Mess Podcast Catholic