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Today’s Sponsor! Rooted for Good Skincare! Use code HOLYHOTMESS20 for a discount on your organic, quality, Catholic owned skincare brand! Join me and Bridget from @AccordingtoBridget on IG and the podcast: According to Bridget (Apple / Spotify) as we chat about the upcoming election year and the struggles of trying to vote in line with […]

#106 Election Year Politics Though A Catholic Lens: According to Bridget

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 Grab your coffee and get cozy because on this episode of the Holy Hot Mess Podcast, Heather sits down with Sarah and Patrick Metts, creators of RESTORE Catholic Marriage. They’re here to give insight on navigating the rocky road of marriage when trust takes a hit – everything from communication hiccups to full-blown (inevitable) […]

#104: Restore Trust in Your Marriage with Patrick & Sarah Metts


RESTORE catholic marriage trust rebuilding holy hot mess podcast

In this solo episode of the Holy Hot Mess Podcast, your host Heather delves into a topic that’s both timely and timeless: how Christians can navigate turbulent times with preparedness, without succumbing to panic. Drawing from her own experiences and insights, Heather offers practical advice and spiritual guidance for believers facing the uncertainties of natural […]

#103: Prepared Not Panicked: Should Christians Prep for the Next Disaster, War, Pandemic or Crisis?


Prepared Not Panicked: Should Christians Prep for the Next Disaster, War, Pandemic or Crisis? Holy Hot Mess Podcast for Catholic Women

Grab your coffee, cozy up, & join Heather on the Holy Hot Mess podcast for Catholic Women for an unscripted, heart-to-heart chat with the fabulous Caroline Perkins. This episode is like eavesdropping on a conversation between two friends at a cozy coffee shop, delving into the nitty-gritty of motherhood in the era of social media. […]

Insta-Mom: Is Social Media Hurting Our Motherhood? with Caroline Perkins Holy Hot Mess Podcast for Catholic Women

In this episode of the Holy Hot Mess podcast, host Heather explores the question of why one should choose Catholicism over other belief systems. We need to be able to answer this question for ourselves, our children and in defense of the faith. With so many different sects of Christianity – how do you choose? […]

#100 Why Be Catholic? Choosing Catholicism as the One Among Many Churches


Why Be Catholic when you can be anything else Holy Hot Mess Podcast Catholic Women

Hard-earned wisdom and practical tips for thriving when taking little humans to church.

#99: Thriving in the Pews: Navigating Mass with Little Ones


The Little Rose Shop Holy Hot Mess Catholic Christian Woman Podacst

Join an interview with Flor – The Catholic Nutritionist as we dive into the warped ways we view our bodies even though the Lord tells us that our bodies are made good! How we reconcile the truth with living it out and everything in between!

Made Good Podcast with Flo the Catholic Nutritionist

Join Heather for a solo episode deep diving into what Lent is, why we are called to participate and how we can make the most of it each year.

#97: 40 Days – Diving into the Depths of Lent


Holy Hot Mess Lent Podcast Episode 2024 Catholic Christian Woman