#86 Divine Mercy: the Second Greatest Story Ever Told

April 10, 2023


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I'm Heather — helping women see that through Christ, our mess leads to our holiness.

Meet Heather

In this episode, Heather, your favorite Catholic, military wife, and mom of four, is taking us on a real and raw journey into the heart of the Divine Mercy message. This ain’t just a history lesson; it’s a personal exploration of why God’s mercy is something we all desperately need.

Buckle up as Heather spills the beans on the Divine Mercy story – the second greatest story ever told. She dives into the made for us mix of God’s perfect justice and His even more perfect mercy. And guess what? It’s for YOU, no matter how tangled your life is, how tainted your past is, or how far you feel from perfection.

Heather lays it out straight: your messy life doesn’t disqualify you from God’s love. In fact, it’s tailor-made for His forgiveness and mercy. Through laughter, maybe a tear or two, and some real talk, she shares why embracing the messy, merciful love of God is the game-changer we’ve all been searching for.

This episode isn’t about preaching from a pulpit; it’s about sharing stories – Heather’s, yours, and mine. So, grab your coffee, press play, and let’s navigate through the mess together. Because in the chaos of life, one thing’s for sure: God’s mercy is the anchor we all need.


About the Holy Hot Mess Podcast

The Holy Hot Mess podcast is where we navigate the twists and turns of life as Catholic Christian women through candid conversations, laughter, and insightful interviews. Join your host, Heather, as she dive deep into the messy and beautiful journey of faith, healing, and growth.

In each episode, she shares wisdom and stories, from the comical to the heartfelt, and offers practical advice for managing the chaos of daily life. Whether it’s balancing family, home, work, or personal development, we explore it all with authenticity and a good dose of humor and a whole lot of our Catholic faith.

But that’s not all – we bring you interviews with inspiring guests who share their unique perspectives, experiences, and wisdom. From experts in Catholic theology to women with incredible stories of resilience, our guests offer valuable insights that will uplift and empower you on your own journey.

Expect laughter, tears, and plenty of “aha” moments as we navigate the holy hot mess together. The goal is to create a space where you feel like you’re sitting with a dear friend, sharing stories, giving space for growth and finding solace in the commonality of our experiences as Catholic women.

So, whether you’re sipping your favorite beverage or multitasking through your day, join us for a dose of faith, friendship, and the messy joy of life. Welcome to the Holy Hot Mess podcast – where every conversation is an invitation to embrace the chaos and discover the sacred in the midst of it all.

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